Luxury Travel Planner

My love for travel began in college, when I was fortunate enough to go on Birthright in Israel and Italy in the same summer. Even though these were among my first international travel experiences, I was immediately hooked on the excitement of discovering the food, history, architecture, and unique ways of life in other places. This inspired major wanderlust within me, and my new hobby became researching foreign destinations that I hoped to one day visit.

Travel became an obsession for me, and my friends and family quickly learned to capitalize on my new wealth of knowledge. Every time someone had a trip to plan, I became their go-to girl, assuming the role of pro bono travel planner. I greatly enjoyed researching and mapping out their dream itineraries, and I loved watching the trips that I had helped with come to life.

A few years later, I got engaged and it was time to plan my own honeymoon. Don’t tell my husband, but I might have been more excited for the honeymoon than the wedding :) I sent emails each night requesting tours, transfers, and hotel bookings, and woke up very excited each morning to receive the confirmations. As the trip started to come together, my meticulous type-A personality was so satisfied. Even while on the honeymoon, I had already started daydreaming about my next few trips and couldn’t wait to begin the planning process all over again.

I followed OTM on social media for years as many of my friends and family have used the company to plan their special trips. Eventually, the stars aligned and I was offered an opportunity to join the team.  I am over the moon to have transformed my passion into a career - pun intended.

Where was your honeymoon? 

We took a minimoon at the incredible Nayara Resort in Costa Rica. We later took our honeymoon in Greece & Italy.

What’s your favorite place on earth?

Japan!  It has everything-- incredible food, the most respectful and inviting people, beautiful nature, a lot of history and tradition, but also technology and culture. There is truly no place like it and it was amazing to be somewhere so unique.