Director of Sales

I am never fully unpacked; I literally have a toiletry bag packed and ready to go at all times, so that I can leave on a moment's notice. I won’t lie, a tiny part of this is because I despise unpacking, but the main reason is because I am always on the go and am truly obsessed with the way that travel changes us for the better. You return home a different person than you were when you left. Each experience forces us out of our comfort zone, exposes us to new cultures, instills in us a deeper appreciation for our planet, and fuels our thirst for adventure.

I feel extremely fortunate that my parents introduced me to travel at such a young age – from snorkeling the moment I took a pacifier out of my mouth, to kayaking Alaska with killer whales at age 8, and being up close and personal with a lion on safari before my 18th birthday.  They taught me how to be fearless and never turn down a good adventure. They also taught me that vacations are not just about lounging at a beautiful hotel (although I LOVE a good lounge day), but moreso, how important it is to experience local culture and see life through a different lens.  

Fast forward to 2015, when I was a sophomore in college and needed a summer internship. I scored a position as an intern at an online travel company, where my manager was none other than Allison Kobasky, the now-owner of OTM.  After undergraduate, I headed straight to grad school where I dabbled in many different industries, but I always felt unfulfilled. I wanted to love my job and make people happy. After a quick little quarter-life crisis, I gave Allison a call during one of my lunch breaks and accepted a role with Over The Moon as a travel consultant. Three years later, I am now Director of Sales, helping to lead our team of incredibly creative, knowledgeable and thoughtful travel planners.

This job has brought me to the gorilla nests deep in the bamboo forests of Rwanda, to a private plunge pool in the Cape Winelands, to the top of a volcano in Guatemala, and to a hot air balloon over the pyramids of Mexico, but most importantly, this job has brought me back to feeling like me. I get a deep sense of joy from helping clients see the world and making their dream trips come to life. Playing a part in their first adventure together as a married couple is so special to me and I hope that everyone returns home a different (and better) person than when they left.

Where was your honeymoon? 

After our wedding, Jake and I went to St. Lucia for a minimoon. One year later, we did our official honeymoon in Thailand!

What’s your favorite place on earth?

Costa Rica! I love that in one trip you can visit the jungle, zip line the cloud forest, hang at the beach, hike a volcano and relax in the hot springs. It’s an activity lovers paradise. Costa Rica is also the first major trip my now husband and I took together, so it holds an extra special place in my heart. Plus, the laid back vibe and welcoming people made me instantly fall in love with the country.