In 2010, I was working as a children's music teacher. I had applied to be a teen tour counselor for the upcoming summer, and I was on a short break between lessons when the email came: I had gotten the job and was assigned a month-long European adventure. I was beside myself with excitement - even though I’d have to share my first international trip with a bunch of high schoolers, I’d be going to England, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The trip was a perfect first-timer's itinerary chock-full of all the typical tourist musts, quintessential local foods, and experiences. I loved every minute! I went backpacking that winter in Southeast Asia with my co-counselor and soon spent all of my free time feeding my newfound travel addiction; where would I go next, what would I see? Each trip became more unique and far-fetched as my passion grew and I was soon hired for a trip to West Africa. This was the trip that totally changed my life. Experiencing a culture so different from my own, I became focused on positive perspective, developed an unwavering sense of compassion, and learned to find happiness in life’s simple moments. Travel was the catalyst for my upgraded outlook on life.

I came home and quit my job, trading it for a corporate role in the travel industry. I also met my hubby around this time and things escalated quickly. Spoiler alert: it’s Josh, the co-owner of OTM :) We spent the next decade exploring the world. We visited 30+ countries together, got married, took an annual honeymoon (highly recommend, possibly the secret to a happy marriage!),  and Over The Moon Vacations + two adorable sons were born.

Since we started this company, I have planned more than 3000 honeymoons and luxury trips, and love going above and beyond to make my clients feel special. My goal is and will always be the same: to inspire others with meaningful travel experiences that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

Where was your honeymoon? 

Bali and Thailand! Pro tip: never tell your husband to look a monkey in the eye, or you risk a very intense Rabies scare lol

What’s your favorite place on earth?

Easily South Africa. There are so many places on earth that you travel to and absolutely adore, but only a few that stay with you forever. The warm people, incredible food, 10-star hospitality, gorgeous lodging and once-in-a-lifetime experiences make SA an easy favorite for me. There are also so many awesome destinations you can pair with SA, like other spots in Africa, tropical islands or even middle Eastern countries. Whenever we send clients for their own trips, I know they’ll be equally obsessed and nothing makes us happier than happy clients!